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Enrico and Lia’s Catering

Enrico’s Father and Uncle (above) and his Brother  outside his butcher shop (left), in Solofra.

… looked like some Hollywood director had assembled the perfect characters and setting.  Stout mustachioed Enrico in his long white  apron, with the trademark twinkle in his eye, baking off cream puff shells.  Short, lovely, new grand mom Lia sautéing batches

Enrico (center) and the Wednesday lunch bunch.

of baby eggplant in a giant black frying pan.  In the background, the music of Italian being spoken on an Italian language cooking show playing on a flat screen TV .

…  stopped in to talk about a party I was planning.  Before I knew it, I was sitting at a table in their kitchen, eating marinated sun-dried tomatoes (Taste theirs and you’ll never again bother to eat the stuff out of the jars.), and a slice of Enrico’s pizza right from the oven.  That was followed by fried, locally made sausage ,and slices of tiny Sicilian eggplant, lightly breaded and sautéed with
tomato and fresh basil.  Of course, we couldn’t really start talking business until we had our espresso.

... Love these two people.  They don’t work for you, they adopt you as part of their family!